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New York, NY June 24, 2021 – BHANU Financial is a newly formed global solutions and investment company based in New York NY. Bhanu was founded by business leaders Farid Dallal and Antoni Mesika to leverage their business expertise, extensive global network and capital to advance compelling business opportunities. 

Mr. Dallal is the Managing Director of the Valerius Real Estate Trust, a $6.5B real estate investment trust with an array of globally recognized hospitality and luxury residential properties. Mr. Dallal is the Investor Relations director of the FUTURA Fund. He brings more than 20 years of consulting and management experience. His experience includes the health, finance, management, and real estate sectors. He has facilitated transactions resulting in the sale of both public and private companies, and facilitated financing and transactions from $100M to over $2.5B.

Antoni Mesika, CCO and Founder of Bembras Bino, Security and defense. Bembras has provided counterintelligence, defense training and integrated defense solutions for agencies and organizations for 30 years. As founder and CEO of Bembras Mr. Mesika also assisted high-net-worth families with executive protection around the world.

Mr. Antoni is a member of the Mesika family, a precious and vivid stones supplier and seller with international presence.

Mr. Mesika is the Representative in USA and Brazil for Nirtal. Nirtal provides Security Consultancy & Services, Combat Training & Equipment for Governmental & Private Sector Companies including Law Enforcement & Military, Counter-Terror, Intelligence and Executive protection Partner and Representative of Infinity international sales corporation.

Bhanu Financial is built on several core virtues, Integrity, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, Accountability. Our mission is to advance compelling business opportunities that are mutually beneficial to everyone involved. Investments that make a difference in the world, return gains for our shareholders and provide value to our other portfolio companies.

Bhanu Financials venture capital fund seeks to match smart investment capital with exceptional leadership of companies. Bhanu will leverage its global network of key business and government leaders to assist portfolio companies with international expansion.  

Bhanu’s investment in real estate is focused on commercial projects with values that start at $50,000,000 USD. Bhanu will consider an array of investments for its portfolio however the primary focus is new hospitality developments and mineral rights properties in North America, Middles East, and South America.

In addition to the operation of the Venture capital and real estate investment funds. Bhanu will provide consulting for executive protection, import export as well as gold and diamond exchange.

Bhanu holds permanent offices in Sao Paolo, Brazil, New York City, NY, Palm Beach, FL and London, UK.

For more information on Bhanu Financial please contact or visit

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